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ONCE UPON A TIME I was invited to attend some kinda "poetry slam" so, with nothing else doing, I relented, convinced I was destined for a wasted evening of angst-ridden emo kids yelling their diaries into a mic reeking of bourbon and bad metaphors. I was certain the audience - who I was sure would be comprised of hipsters and aging beatniks - would be all in, but I prepared to tune the hell out.

Instead, much to my stunned surprise, I was utterly blown away by the high calibur of bona fide writing and performance skill. Result? Despite being quite proficient at jazz piano, juggling and fire spinning, the pospect of being a writer & performer excited me the most.

Some years later...

  • I was tapped to be the Development Director of the wildly successful 2011 and 2013 National Poetry Slams.
  • I spearhead the infamous 365/365 BLOG, where the challenge is to stretch yourself and write as prolifically as possible with a year-long community of fellow writers.
  • I tour throughout New England, engaging audiences through poetry as well as writing and performance workshops.
  • The 2012 MILL CITY SLAM Team counts me as a member!
  • I've been published in a couple places, most recently HERE and HERE!
  • I co-founded the Boston Poetry Slam's new monthly queer reading, Moonlighting.

So thanks for visiting! Say hi, sign up to my email list, follow me on Twitter or Facebook and get the hot scoop on upcoming shows. Thanks for supporting the arts (and me)!


Michael Monroe

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